Past events 2019

Wednesday 15th May Richard Frazer

A huge thank you to Richard for sharing his journey to Santiago de Compostela with us in 'Travels With A Stick'. A fascinating, inspiring and insighful evening.

Signed copies now in stock


This absorbing account reveals how the pilgrim journey can be nourishment for the human heart.
It connects us to landscape and brings us to the mystery of what it is to be human and vulnerable and open to the kindness of strangers and the gift of the new and the unexpected.


Thursday 18th April Kirsty Logan

Kirsty returned to Biggar to launch the paperback of her latest book The Gloaming. 

A bewitching tale of first love, shattering grief, and the dangerous magic that draws us home. Mara's island is one of stories and magic, but every story ends in the same way.

The Gloaming is a gorgeous tale of love and grief, and the gap between fairy tales and real life. It was a pleasure to welcome Kirsty back to the shop and hear about her work, including the fact that Mermaid Performer is a real job!



















Thursday 4th April Simon Winder

At the heart of western Europe lies a huge swath of land, stretching from the mud and fogs of the North Sea coast, all the way to the great barrier of the Alps.
Divided by their languages, religions and frontiers, everyone living there shares one thing: that they are inhabitants of a lost part of Europe - Lotharingia. 

In this highly entertaining book Simon retraces how Lotharingia has brought forth many of Europe's greatest artists, inventors and thinkers, but it has also reduced many a would-be conqueror to helpless tears of rage and frustration.


Tuesday 26th February Ann Cleeves

What an evening! The fabulous Ann Cleeves joined us in Biggar Library to discuss, with author and critic Lesley McDowell, the FINAL Shetland novel and eighth in the series, 'Wild fire'.

Signed copies of the whole Shetland series in stock now.

 Remote. Drawn in by the reputation of the islands, a new English family move to the area, eager to give their autistic son a better life. But when a young nanny's body is found hanging in the barn of their home, rumours of her affair with the husband begin to spread like wild fire.

Perez is facing the most disturbing investigation of his career. Is he ready for what is to come?



Tuesday 19th February Janice Galloway

We were thrilled to have Janice join us in the bookshop to celebrate the newly published collection 'Jellyfish'. Janice Galloway is an internationally acclaimed author of novels, short stories, poetry and non-fiction as well as collaborative works with sculptors, painters, musicians and photographers.

"Jellyfish is a timely reminder that she is one of the finest writers around. Each story, each sentence, is beautifully crafted by someone who cares enough to take such care..." Scots Whay Hae



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