Fireside Reading Group

Monday 25th June we are meeting at The Crown Inn  (6.30 pm for a meal or 8pm for discussion) Let us know if you would like to join us, particularly for the meal, so we can let the pub know numbers.  Everyone is welcome!  We are reading:

Often I Am Happy

by Jens Christian Grondahl

Paperback £8.99, with 10% discount for members of the book group

When Ellinor addresses her best friend Anna, she does not expect a reply. Anna has been dead for forty years, killed in the same skiing accident that claimed Henning: Ellinor's first husband and Anna's lover. Ellinor instead tells her that Georg has died - Georg who was once Anna's, but whom Ellinor came to love in her place, and whom she came to care for, along with Anna's two infant sons.

Yet with Georg's death Ellinor finds herself able to cut the ties of her assumed life with surprising ease. Returning to the area of Copenhagen where she grew up, away from the adopted comfort of the home she shared with Georg, Ellinor finds herself addressing her own history: her marriage to Henning, their seemingly charmed friendship with the newly-wed Anna and Georg, right back to her own mother's story - a story of heartbreaking pride. Because there are some secrets - both our own and of others - that we can only share with the dead.

Secrets that nonetheless shape who we are and who we love. Often I Am Happy by Jens Christian Grondahl is a profoundly moving work of fiction.

Published by Picador







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