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As we told you yesterday, we thought it was the loveliest bookshop we'd ever set foot in. If only all shopping was this creative. Congratulations and thank you.
Geoff and Ginny Owen
Posted by Geoffrey Owen on 10 August 2018
Thank you for your heartwarming words!
Posted by Chris on 06 September 2018
Hello from Australia
I just picked up a book "The Other Mrs Walker" from the second hand store at work and found your book mark in it. Pretty cool that a book from Scotland has made it to Australia! Safe to say I know where I'm booking my next trip and what I'll be seeing :)
Posted by Xana Dasilva-Cruz on 30 August 2017
Happiness is...a visit to a bookshop :-) This is the most lovely bookshop...crammed with a deeply engaging array of books...a bibliophile's dream...cosy and welcoming with staff that are happy to talk about books all day long! We visit as often as we dare and we recommend it to all the guests who stay at The Lint Mill (our B&B) and they are never disappointed.
Posted by Deborah Richardson-Webb on 22 April 2017
Love visiting your shop. Warm, friendly staff that not only know the stock well, but love the books! What a difference it makes to talk to someone about what you might like to read, to be shown a comfy seat and brought a selection to flick through. It turns buying a book into a lovely experience!
Posted by Gill on 26 May 2015
But we have such lovely customers... always a pleasure!
Posted by Chris on 27 May 2015
Great shop and service
I was given a £50 book token after doing a talk abut shopping local at an independent book retailers conference in Glasgow this year. Keeping in the theme of shopping locally there was no way I was going to blow my book vouchers on a high street chain. I met Chris and Sue at the conference that day and have used up my vouchers now through this fantastic little book shop in Biggar. Its a 30 mile round journey for me but worth every mile for the personal service given. Thanks Chris and Sue and I look forward to picking up my next two books soon. Regards Jim
Posted by Jim on 07 October 2014
Thanks for your support Jim
Posted by Chris at Atkinson-Pryce on 08 October 2014
Book enquiry
Posted on 18 August 2014
Fair Helen - Book of the Moment
Posted on 06 December 2013
thank you!
Posted on 08 July 2013
wonderful shop!
Posted on 05 August 2012
Posted on 03 November 2011
Award Winning!
Posted on 14 October 2011
Book Launch
Posted on 23 August 2011
the 21st century bookshop
Posted on 01 March 2011
The best bookshop in town!
Posted on 21 March 2010
No Title
Posted on 18 March 2010
No Title
Posted on 14 March 2010
Posted on 02 March 2010
No Title
Posted on 26 February 2010
No Title
Posted on 26 February 2010
Fantastic Local Asset
Posted on 24 February 2010
a wonderful welcoming bookshop
Posted on 24 February 2010
A Fine Bookshop
Posted on 23 February 2010
Posted on 23 February 2010
Posted on 23 February 2010
Posted on 23 February 2010
No Title
Posted on 23 February 2010
a tardis of a shop
Posted on 22 February 2010
Ideal Bookshop
Posted on 22 February 2010
excellent bookshop!
Posted on 22 February 2010
No Title
Posted on 22 February 2010
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